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Compliance normally consists of ensuring that activities undertaken agree with both the letter and the spirit of the standards, laws and/or regulations that govern a business or activity and the internal policies and procedures set down by that business for its own activities.
We, Plum Field Advisory, provide Fraud Risk Management Services to help our clients to deal with fraud issues from the stage of fraud prevention to the stage of fraud investigation.

PFA provides wide range of FInancial Advisory consulting services, including Consolidation support services, IFRS related services, Due Diligence, Corporate turn-around recovery service.
There are a variety of definitions of internal control, as it affects to various constituencies of an organization. COSO internal control framework is a widely-known and used tool when mentioning internal control.

Risk is a concept that denotes a potential negative impact to some characteristic of value that may arise from a future event.
PFA provides various IT consulting services, such as ERP implementation, BPR implementation and PMO.

Geneva Group International (GGI)
PFA is an independent member of Geneva Group International (GGI), a world’s leading organization of accounting, audit, internal control, risk-management, compliance, management-consulting, international disputes, law and trust firms.
You can download latest global business information and GGI Insider Magazine here. GGI Insider Magazine is published every two months, addressing business issues and trends around the globe as well as updating movements in Geneva Group International.
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